Vinata Shetty (Reebok Master Trainer, Celeb Trainer)

My association with Kapil Deshmukh goes back 6-7 years! Over the years I have observed his meteoric rise in the fitness industry and it comes as no surprise to me that, he is one of Aurangabad's most sought after personal trainer. As a Master Trainer with over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry I can list all the qualities that go into making a great coach. Kapil embodies all that and more. Not only is he a certified and qualified personal trainer from numerous Internationallyrecognized institutions, but also, Kapil never misses an opportunity to learn more and add to his skills. He seldom misses a workshop or certification or convention, often travelling a fair distance to acquire any knowledge or skill that he feels will add value to his clients fitness journey. His passion and dedication to his craft is what makes him unique and possibly the reason why he is Aurangabad's most sought after fitness trainer! His ability to empathize with his clients and understand their needs and goals is what makes him endearing to his clients. He genuinely cares for his clients and is deeply committed to their progress. Whoever has the opportunity to train under him should consider themselves fortunate.
Kapil Deshmukh is truly the fitness pride of Aurangabad!!

Dr. Mrs Santosh Totla (Eye Surgeon, DrTotla Hospital)

Shri Kapil Deshmukh is a truly excellent ACE Fitness Trainer. He is the perfect combination of TOUGH and WARM, and he WORKS with the whole person - Mentality, Emotionally & Physically. Because of his EFFORTS I am STRONGER & more FLEXIBLE, I have better BALANCE & most importantly, working out has become FUN. I have worked with him for more than 4 YEARS. HE is SKILLED, THOUGHTFUL, SENSIBLE & ATTENTIVE to what each client NEEDS, what their limits are and how far he can push them. If you are thinking about training with a PROFESSIONAL I highly recommend Shree Kapil Deshmukh.

Pallavi S. Bhonsale (Beautician)

I am writing to you today to express my sincere gratitude for the personal training you have provided me over the past 3 years. I can’t express enough my thanks for the results that we have achieved from our many hours of training at HOME on building Strength, Endurance, Flexibility, Peace of Mind and muscle growth while learning the proper form and technique in weight lifting and overall Wellness. We know each other very well since 10 years or more but when I approached you first for Personal Training, you had asked me about my health goals. This was something new experience for me because while working with other trainers in the past you were the only one who helped me to achieve those goals. You listened and understood what I wanted to accomplish in my workouts. It was good time spent with your expertise and interest in my well being. We were able to work through the aches and pains in a manner that enabled me to continue my workouts and still able to balance overall wellness in a safe and effective way. I would like to share on more thing with you Kapil, at early stage before joining you, ME and My Husband were a bit reluctant b’coz as being female and you being opposite gender. Then My Husband & I decided to go with you for a training period of a 6 Months initially as it was your policy and after 6 Months we will decide to continue or not since the way you counselled us made us feel homely and we took our smart step to Join you. But surprisingly with no time you became one of our FAMILY member, the way you trained me, put tons of trust on you and now it’s being 3 years we are still going strongly like family. Working with you is always a fun and the health issues (Palpitation) as you know that how hard we have worked for that & it’s totally gone now. From Bottom of My Heart I Thank you Kapil for keeping this Working women into a great shape and healthy!

Dr. Rajgopal Totla (Totla Hospital)

It is indeed a great pleasure to write a testimonial for Mr Kapil Deshmukh. He is an American certified personal trainer. I know Kapil for last 4 yrs as a personal trainer initially & now as good as a son & a family member as he got fully assimilated with our family. Initially Kapil took care of Madam Totla for 6 months & I joined later. I, with my hectic busy schedule as a senior pediatric surgeon, practicing for last 28 yrs with 55 yrs age, was rather neglecting my health. I had lots of issues, disturbed biochemistry, unable to walk for even 2 miles, double chin, weight gain etc. I used to keep awake for long hrs taking the work in hand & started looking 10 yrs older than what I was. It was Kapil who motivated me for the workouts & I started with reluctance but within three months of work outs my physique started changing, compliments started pouring in and my enthusiasm just reached sky high. Now my all issues r settled. I look quite young & fit & let me tell you all that I score much more on this aspect when I visit any function or gathering. It is too good a feeling to look too good & fit. There is sea change in my temperaments, I got my all work adjusted according to my work out schedules. See I am inheriting at least 6 diseases, so I am very careful about everything & by God's grace & good workouts , I have kept them all away so far & that's a great achievement.
Thank u Kapil for everything..!

Atharv Belapurkar (Student)

In 11th i had a major bad concept that workin out would consume my study time..wen u started training dad n adviced me dat working out wud help me refreshen was actually working wen i tried it and now i am feeling healthier and happier and faster at math too...really a big thank you kapil dada!!..uhv been a really good friend n really the best trainer n i hope u keep training me always..that 1 hr is really an adventurous hour .. thanks for redefining health for me..keep up the good work forever..!!

Fareeda Abbas (Principal Toddlers)

Mr.Kapil is a very capable trainer and has a knack of setting up effective training sessions for people of all ages. Working out under his supervision has helped me achieve excellent results on a personal level

Insiyyah Husain (Principal,Toddlers) & Abdul Husain (Chairman, Stepping Stones High School)

Kapil comes to our home 3 times a week for personal training for three of our family members. He has helped us become healthier with his unique combinations of age appropriate exercises. He is punctual, motivated and encouraging. While we were exercising under Kapils guidance we felt energetic, and our overall heath improved. Thank you Kapil for your services.

Ishwar M. Bharti (Additional Executive Engineer.MSEDCL Aurangabad)>

Kapil sir is a very highly educated person. He is having thorough knowledge of fitness and really gives personal attention to each and every member in the gym. I was there in the gym for 4 years and i personally experienced all these things. Also guides regarding our routine diet plan ....So those who are really health conscious, must visit kapildeshmukh and take benefit of the same.

Tejas Bedre (Lawyer)

Kapil Sir, you have always been my inspiration for fitness & healthy life style! The training which you have given me is not just in my mind, but this now transformed into my soul. I will always be grateful for that. Keep It up Sir, there are many people in search for a teacher like you! 👍🏻

Dr Ramesh R Bajaj (Deogiri Hospital)

"Kapil had been my personal trainer for a year and a half. The results I have achieved to date are largely due to Kapil's perfect combination of diverse training methods, individualized exercise programs & challenging yet achievable goal setting. Kapil is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm he brings to every session. His easy going, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. He makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun! He also places a high value on correct form with each exercise. He motivated me to push past my perceived limits to get results. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Kapil will lead you every step of the way. His professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to his work provide the perfect scenario for success and sets foundations for a new healthier lifestyle!" I have never felt stronger or healthier. Thank you Kapil, you are the best!"

Mr Rajesh Mandhani (Industrialist)

I am doing my workouts under guidance of Kapil sir from past 3 years. Without using any of instruments doing work out and regained my fitness as was in 30’s. Now I am 49. Due to his constant follow up regarding diet plan improved diet habits. Under his training also I have prepared for Running &have successfully completed Goa marathon 2015. Prior to this I never run a single kilometer in life. Due to workouts and stretching exercise under his expert guidance I could have achieved injury free running in marathon. Body Tone and self-confidence improved a lot . Feeling healthy and Happy.

Sumayah (Student)

"I worked with Kapil sir for almost a year , Sir is skilled, thoughtful, sensible, and a pleasure to work with and talk to. He knows just how and when to encourage and when to push, though never too much. Highest recommendation."

Santosh Maru (Architect)

I have trained with Kapil Sir for more than 5 years, and consider him to be the top fitness trainer in the area, and a very accomplished professional. I have greatly benefited from him holistic approach to fitness, and his commitment to me in setting, and achieving, my personal goals. I attribute a great deal of the good health and fitness that I have enjoyed in my past and now in present and will be in future to Kapil sir's experienced guidance. I wouldn't think of training anywhere else.

Dr. Kedar Sawleshwarkar (Deogiri Hospital)

In today's age and day, a healthy body is synonymous with a healthy mind. I have personally undergone a tremendous change not only in my physique but also in my thinking abilities. Training under Kapil, I lost excess weight I have been carrying on for years. I am still working on my body under his watchful gaze and this time with more specific goals. Kapil's methods are ingenious. He ensures that his clients follow a strict diet and exercise regime. A friendly man, Kapil transcends from friend to family within no time!

Dr. Yogesh Belapurkar (Cardiac Surgeon, MGM)

I am a practicing cardiac surgeon and have been in the medical field for almost 30 years ..i have known the importance of fitness and have seen thousands of heart and other diseases because of lack of fitness.. i must have advised lakhs of patients to have a exercise n diet regime.. However as work increased my attention to my own fitness lessened ... I made a home gym and since almost 2 years i was unable to maintain any regularity in exercise or more specifically what i thought was exercise .. And then entered Mr. Kapil Deshmukh in our lives ... I had heard about him through a common friend ... The 1st impression was cool and friendly ... so we decided to proceed.. Its been almost 9 months now ... Mr Kapil has been an absolute transformation in the fitness aspect of our lives .. He began slowly and steadily ..i had warned him that exercise should not affect my profession as a cardiac surgeon.. i was not sure if i would cope up with exercise ... but as fitness increased , the energy levels almost doubled and i was more than able to carry out my work with renewed enthusiasm and vigour ... The best part is that except for cutting a little in sweet food he never insisted on any diet ....WHEN U HAVE A FITNESS to the level that a true trainer imparts ,DIET AUTIMATICALLY FALLS IN PLACE ...i no longer overfill and even in weddings or parties i have REFLEXLY made changes ... the body now realizes that it needs food to live and it does not live to have food.. My son joined along and Mr Kapil has transformed him too into a strong young boy..we initially thought that exercise would affect his studies .. but Kapil made sure it didn’t... the gradual and subtle way of introducing exercises into our regimen is Mr Kapils specialty.. i have never ever felt overstrained .. and his bottom line in exercise is not to have any kind of injury whatsoever.. So 9 months now and i already feel that my stamina and energy levels have multiplied .. The man in the mirror is definitely looking and feeling better ..also compliments are now given by many .. all due to one man Mr Kapil Deshmukh.. Me and my son are indebted to him ... and will always be ... Thank you Kapil ..u are a star.

Dayanand Modani (Industrialist)

Dear Mr. Kapil I understand that you are preparing for your web-site , congratulation to you Am one of the privileged client of you , who got an opportunity to get fitness training from you . In our last @ 4 years association I learned a lot & implemented the learning which yielded in to weight loss & body fitness , which has built my confidence & more concentration on work Your current knowledge & adopting new techniques with new software & continuous learning is really appreciable . As I understand your majority clients are doctor by profession & hence itself proves your depth in subject Wish you bright future , am sure your will create new bench mark in this area

Dr. Anil R. Nalgirkar (Eye Surgeon, BAJAJ Hospital)

It was a pleasure working out with Kapil. He has an extraordinary talent in bringing out the best in people. He is not only good at planning workouts and diet schedules but also adept at motivational strategies to keep the trainee compliant. He combines aerobics, , anaerobics , Streching, flexibility workouts, dietary Schedule and motivational strategies to achieve desired results. I wish him the best in life

Ramanand Modani (Industrialist)

Kapil is a Good Trainer. He identifies our need and designs the exercise schedule which is suitable to individuals. Due to his training my Back Ache has reduced and SUGAR LEVEL is also maintained.